One of the most beautiful things in the world is the relationship between a dog and its owner. This relationship is built on a foundation of respect, love, and understanding. Dogs are our faithful and obedient closest buddies who can give us unfailing affection, support, and company. But occasionally, circumstances arise in life that cause an owner to find a new home for their best companion, with whom they have developed such a strong attachment.

This is something that @LivinlifewithSuzy is all too familiar with, and in the video below, she beautifully captures the heartwarming moment when her husband reunites with the beloved dog he had to give up ten years earlier. Best have some Kleenex on hand.

@livinlifewithsuzy My husband is #reunited with his #dog he had to #rehome 10 years ago. #reunitedwithdog #bullydog #razoredgegotti ♬ original sound – James Blake



Smokey, a 16-year-old dog with arthritis, is now running to his former owner, which is very sweet to behold!

That dog recognized him, regardless of what anyone says, and those cuddles at the end told me everything I needed to know. @Kristina and @Carinaortega both agree that it is a godsend that he was responsible and found his dog a family that has kept him for 10 years and counting. Dogs never forget. Friends forever. This is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen on here today. Crying such happy tears for their reunion. @Mommamurder adds, “Dogs never forget. Friends forever. Happy he got an opportunity to spend time with him. 15 years is rare for his breed.”


It’s wonderful that this man was able to reunite with his dog after all that time, and it’s even better to see that he’s doing well in his new home. As painful as it may be, part of loving a dog is having the courage and compassion to admit when you are unable to give them a stable home and to find them a new owner who will treat them with the same respect you would.

We are overjoyed that these two were able to reconnect.


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