New York might have the most lovable delivery crew and has been delighting customers since the first COVID-19 lockdown. Like many other food and drink establishments, the pandemic has forced many restaurants into strict delivery-only services. 

No need to fret, Brew Dogs to the rescue. Karen and Mark Heuwetter, the owners of Six Harbors Brewing Company in Long Island took their dogs, Barley and Buddy, on beer runs during the coronavirus pandemic. The two best buds helped cheer up the beloved customers, and let me tell you, it is the cutest thing you will ever see! 


The “brew dogs”, have been accompanying their owners on beer runs from the Six Harbours Brewing Company to bring smiles to those stuck inside according to CBS News. Though the brewery has been struggling amid the pandemic, the Heuwatters have seen an increase in online sales ever since they started taking the dogs out. The furry duo has been requested on countless deliveries.


It is important to note that though Buddy and Barley both carry makeshift four packs around their necks, the cans are actually all empty and owners Mark and Karen carry the load and hand out the beers. 

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To make their stardom even better, Buddy and Barley were popular long before their delivery days. On a typical day at the brewery, they would lounge around or walk from table to table to greet new customers. 


“Buddy and Barley love people,” Mark told the New York Daily News. When they added them to the delivery routes, it was a no-brainer that the customers would be thrilled to see these furry friends again. 

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