Every dog parent is familiar with the challenge of trying to leave the house while your best animal companion is waiting for you. It can be painful to see! But as @goldenlifeofbailey and his mother demonstrate in their most recent video, it can also be amusing.

Nothing beats spending time with his mother for this Golden Retriever, though. However, he has the strangest way of expressing it as she prepares to go out with the gals, and we adore it.

@goldenlifeofbailey He’s probably right though 🤣 #stalker #dog #funny #dogsoftiktok #dogmom #petsoftiktok #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Ruby Allender – Ruby🧞‍♂️



What an amazing boy! Although Baily is being extremely stupid by lurking in the shadows in that manner, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t initially take us off guard. Seeing something in the dark can perhaps make us feel uneasy!

@ambermollydog commented, “Hahaha this got me.” LOL! We can see why he tried this sneaky strategy if it usually works on his mother, but he had no idea that it would also work on the entire TikTok community!


Bailey’s mom responded, “Mum better not go anywhere without me… I am her only child after all.” to which @Thehuskymoon_ guessed that Bailey might also be thinking, “take me wif u hooman.’ We wouldn’t be shocked! That’s relatable AF! Our fur pups are our babies without a doubt.

“The amount of times I have canceled because I wanna stay home with my dog. No wonder if my friends don’t like me anymore!” Bailey’s mother wrote in another reply to @oltangntiki. LMAO! But if they’re pals, they’ll understand. They might even want to spend a night together, of course with Bailey!


Source: Pet Helpful


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